Health Benefits Of Wearing Gold & Silver Jewelery

Blood Circulation Is Improved.

Gold is considered a ‘heart-friendly’ metal because it increases blood circulation and so ensures that every area of your body receives adequate oxygen.

As a result, pregnant women were sometimes recommended to wear an gold jewels around their belly to promote blood and other body fluid circulation in both the infant and the mother.

Infection Control And Wound Healing

It is said that applying pure (24-karat) gold to an infected or painful area may aid in wound healing and infection management.

Treatment For Skin

Did you know the Cleopatra, Egypt’s former Queen, is supposed to have slept every night in a gold mask? Gold gives warm and relaxing vibrations to the skin, which aids in cell regeneration. Many beauty and skin care products contain gold. It’s also used to cure eczema,  skin rash, fungal infections, injuries, and skin burns, among other things.

Controls Body Temperature

Gold helps to regulate and recover your body temperature in the event of chills, hot flushes, or night sweats.

Stops Cancer From Spreading.

Gold can aid in the body’s suppression of malignant cell growth. As a result, it’s being used as  alternative medication to treat malignancies like prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Gold is also beneficial in cancer detection. CytImmune, a biopharmaceutical business based in the United States, has devised a way for directly delivering anti-cancer medications using gold nanoparticles. Nano spectra, another startup, has developed “nanoshells” that use heat to kill cancer cells. A nanoshell, and rather a nanoshell plasmon, is  the spherical nanoparticle with a dielectric core and a thin metallic shell around it (usually gold).

Medical Technology

Did you know which gold nanoparticles are utilised in million of Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDTs) every year all around the world? RDTs including gold nanoparticles are used to determine whether or not a person has Malaria. Gold has also aided with in early detection of HIV/AIDS, which is truly incredible

Wearing Silver Jewelry Has Several Health Benefits.

Since the dawn of civilization, gemstones and minerals have been thought to have healing abilities. Silver jewelry has been discovered in ancient civilizations such as Mohen-ja-daro. Silver, gold, gemstones, and a variety of other metals are said to have a variety of health advantages and therapeutic properties. Amulets & evil eye protectors, as well as zodiac-specific jewelry, are now widely available. The contemporary generation, on the other hand, lacks the ancient knowledge & genuine power that these jewels possess. Nonetheless, researchers are continually producing movies and books to raise awareness about this old wisdom and the symbols & signs that are carved upon it.

Many businesses and holistic stores now advertise that they sell healing crystals and gemstones. They are crafted of a variety of materials, including Navajo turquoise, and are said to possess supernatural abilities and positivism.

Royals wore gem-studded crown not just as emblems of power and wealth, but also as  protective shield against maladies and evil.

So, What Advantages Does Jewelry Have, If Any?

There have been studies, and much has been related to  power of belief & mental suggestion, but silver jewellery has particular health benefits.

Due to a combination of cost, value, & look, sterling silver has now eclipsed gold in popularity as metal base for jewelry. However, its advantages go beyond cost and appearance.

What Are The Advantages Of Silver Jewelry?

Metals have unique qualities that affect the surface with which they come into touch. Silver metal is also an electrical conductor. Silver has a number of health benefits for humans. Silver is a metal with substantial health benefits, which is why it is utilized for centuries throughout cultures. Silver has antibacterial properties. It aids in infection prevention, cold & flu prevention, tissue repair, &other functions.

Internal heat regulation & circulation are also aided by silver. Researchers have found that wearing silver increases energy levels and improves mood balance. Its natural characteristics aid in the reduction of external electrical disturbances, the improvement of blood circulation, and the maintenance of general body temperature balance, as well as the maintenance of cleanliness and immunity.

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